Why Crate Train?

This is one of the most valuable behaviours you can teach your dog. Denning or seeking small, dark spaces is a very natural behaviour for our canine friends who have been born to seek protection in a den.  Not only do they need security if they are frightened, but need sanctuary when left alone or are insecure about a new environment.

Benefits of crate training

For Your dog:
A crate can provide your dog with a familiar, den-like environmentProvide sanctuary when they feel alone or overwhelmedTo provide security when frightenedTo help puppies sleep throughout the nightA crate is one of the best tools available for helping to potty train your puppy. Dogs won't willingly soil their own beds, so they are highly motivated to "hold it" while in their crate.To help your dog get used to the vet cages - If your puppy must stay for any length of time at the vet, even just an hour, they will most likely be put in a cage.

For You:

Can enjoy peace of mind when leaving your puppy home alone, knowing that nothing can be damaged and that he/she is comfortable, protected and not developing any bad habits.Can toilet train your dog quickly by using the confinement to encourage control, establish a regular routine for outdoor elimination, and prevent accidents at night or when your dog is left alone. Dogs don’t want to pee in their beds!!!Crate Training steps

Step 1. Begin to teach your dog to love their new Kennel by rewarding them for going onto a mat.

Encourage your dog off the mat and reward your dog for making a great choice to go back onto the mat.

Step 2. Place the mat in your dog’s crate and reward your dog for this time, going into the crate.

Increase the time in between your food reward delivery to encourage your dog to spend longer and longer in the crate

Step 3. As we did with the mat training, encourage your dog out of the crate and reward for going back into the crate.

Step 4. Reward your dog for staying calm in their crate while you shut the door.

Make sure that your dog gets more rewards when the door is closed, than when the door is open.

Step 5. Help your dog to love their crate by giving them all their yummy kongs while relaxing in their crate. 


Kalmpets Animal Behaviour Centre and Dog Day Care is a unique dog training centre that takes a positive approach to dog care. We use evidence-based, holistic techniques that transform your dog into a more enjoyable member of the family and society.


Felicity Kelleher, Behavioural Technician and Trainer


Thanks to our amazing clients for all of your kind words.

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