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Kristyn and Leigh

We were all new puppy owners, with fresh eared little furries already enrolled in puppy training classes and tooth deep into every chewable surface they could get a hold of! All of the trainers from puppy school were talking about Crate Training (learn more here) and how beneficial it was for toilet training, puppy safety and great integration into the home – one BIG problem – we all HATED the cage kennels available on the market!

Over a few drinks at the kitchen benchtop we came up with a plan to build our little puppers a kennel, a DESIGNER kennel that would not only be functional but also look beautiful and compliment our home décor.

Weeks went by, and after some trial and error and we finally built our first kennel. When friends came over and saw what we had built they were blown away, and all asked for a custom designer kennel for their own pets.

We had learned so much about Crate Training, and wanted to share the idea with other dog lovers – and show them that a kennel can be part of your décor, not something to shove in the spare room when guests visit! 

And so, Kustom Kennels was properly born.

Since those first 2 kennels, we have now built many designer kennels for puppers all over Australia. We moved from our home garage into a warehouse space and have an amazing customer base of fellow dog (and cat, rabbit, lamb, lizard etc) lovers who proudly have our kennels pride of place in their homes. Their puppers soundly sleeping in the centre of family life (as we believe they should be!)

Kustom Kennels is growing so quickly, and the time has come for us to create a ‘digital home’ for ourselves – and here YOU ARE – on our website right now!! You can purchase our range of handmade dog kennels now and have it shipped straight to your door, or you can contact us to order something completely KUSTOMISED for you!

We love what we do and we feel so lucky to be able to share our range of Doggie Cribs, Suites and Condos with you all. We have some very exciting and BIG plans for the future so stay tuned! There’s more to come from us yet!


The KK Team.

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Kristyn - Co Founder

Leigh - Co Founder

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